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Content Writing

On today’s digital era, providing an accurate message for your clients can break or make your brand.

Content is king! And we know exactly how to make your kingdom of commerce and business into an interactive, custom-designed eco-system, that will meet your clients and potential future clients in their natural atmosphere.

Our original content will empower your social and web platforms, upgrade your conversion rate and most of all, create the perfect message you wish to transfer and present.

Content Editing


There’s not a job too small or too large for us, there isn’t one that too complicated or impossible – we know exactly how to match your content needs with the perfect platform and format.

We do it all, creative writing that is written and edited by experts and professionals in your field, marketing materials designed to broaden your potential crowd, and any web or print content you might need.

Our editors are artists as well as skilled professionals, ready to polish and improve your documents and content.

Technical Translation


Technical translation requires precise attention, an eye for details and a professional background. We provide the full bundle!

Let us assist you with translation of user guides, pamphlets, instructions manuals and any technical documents you may need. Our technical writers are both proficient in the expertise you require as well as skilled, experienced writers that can turn the most difficult technical term into a clear, user-friendly message.


Legal translation requires a base of knowledge as well as the technical background needed to create the ideal legal document.

We offer translation for documents, wills, court protocols, evidence material, agreements, and any legal material you may need.

With legal translations, every word counts, matters and judged – our skilled writers will perfect the task for you!

Websites Translation

Be bi-lingual and open your business into a range of possibilities!

Creating an English site for your product or any other language your costumers are using, is a step towards expending your business and creating conversions, gains, and financial success.

We offer a wide array of languages for your business, so choose your preferred languages and remember…the world is yours!

Academic Translation


Academic translation requires a unique set of skills and understandings. There are specific terms, formats and language you must use in order to complete your abstract, thesis, doctorate, proposal or any academic document you may need. The ability to transform your academic writing into a valid and solid work you can be proud of is our expertise. Be proud of the work you created with the ultimate translation to highlight it.

transcription, Simultaneous translation



"Language Is Wine Upon The Lips"

Virginia Woolf 

Our clients

Why choose us?


We take our job and your job very seriously and treat your work as our ultimate mission, with the upmost respect to your original content.


Our Rates

We offer quality translations, localized, and adapted, for a competitive rate. Keeping our rates down is an important part of our work, but it doesn’t come at the expense of excellent translations. Our bundles and rates will allow you to enjoy a fair price while receiving a translation made with the highest standard possible.


Our Targum & More team are meticulously chosen professionals and language artists.
We work with  qualified translators, content editors, content writers, transcribers, and technical writers. Also, our team sign a confidentiality agreement so your materials are always protected and handled with care.

Our Agenda

We believe that translations create communication and understanding that leads to overcoming obstacles and crossing bridges in the global business world.
We are here at your service around the clock, working to accommodate your requests and needs to your full satisfaction.
Our core values promote excellence in writing, precise and accurate translations, attention to details, all by top-notch professional translators.
We welcome you to join our community and enjoy the highest-level translations the industry offer!